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The University of Southampton

Bloodhound SCC

Bloodhound SSC is the ultimate land speed record car – a massive 13.5 metres long and 3 metres tall at the fin. View the BLOODHOUND SSC full size car, an incredible true representation of what the supersonic car will look like. As well as the car, view one of the EJ200 jet engines that will power the car up to 1000mph.

Have a go at the BLOODHOUND Driving Experience, a special computer game developed to enable players to experience some of the challenges that Andy Green will face whilst driving at 1000mph – how difficult can it really be to drive in a straight line?! See if you can break the record!

BLOODHOUND SSC Rocket Car Launch

A rocket powered model Bloodhound car was launched during the day. The bloodhound project si aiming to break the world land speed record by achieving 1,000mph – an iconic adventure that will push technology to its limit.


For more information on these exciting projects visit the Bloodhound SSC website.

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