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The University of Southampton

Information Management

For complex, technical, large-scale operations

Information Management

The design and operation of large engineering systems is complex, costly and highly technical. Our work considers the current and future impact of this wide range of technology, including social media in engineering, with particular reference to the design process.

Technological advantages

Technology roadmap

We have been working on the implementation of a knowledge application to support a specific application, together with increasing fundamental understanding of how this information can be collected, stored and searched, and its use in a design team. Below is a brief selection of relevant projects:

1992-1995: EPSRC multimedia information systems as an operational interface in the advanced manufacturing environment

1996-1999: EPSRC factory information resource management

2000-2003: EPSRC knowledge capture, sharing and reuse in the design process

2006-2009: DTI high-performance and robust systems

2007-2010: 3Clix rapidly search and access information within a system

Collaboration opportunity

Depending on the scale of collaboration, a number of possible scenarios can be considered:

Small-scale closed information system

A small-scale closed information system can be developed for the cost of a research assistant for a year (approx £80,000). This type of system is appropriate for design teams in the order of 10-20 people working across international boundaries.

New complex system

The development of a new concept using semantic technologies and social media would require a multiyear, multisite research programme. This development could be partly funded by appropriate EU/UK funding programmes or, alternatively, use other funding mechanisms. Funding mechanisms exist to subsidise research costs.

If you would like to know more, please contact Dr Richard Crowder

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