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The University of Southampton

UAVs for Commercial Enterprise

Building a business case

Southampton is one of the leading entrepreneurial universities in the UK, with a strong enterprise agenda and excellent relationships with business and industry. At CORMSIS, the Centre for Operational Research, Management Science and Information Systems, we have embraced this enterprise agenda, applying our knowledge and expertise to deliver real business solutions for industry partners.

For manufacturers of UAVs, software providers and end users, the development of a robust business case is indispensable. Such a business case needs to examine the operational costs of running and maintaining UAV technology and maximising levels of efficiency. Moreover, forecasts on demand uptake in various potential application areas need to be generated, and the requirements of each of these areas needs to be specified. By tapping into university knowledge, technology and skills, you will be able to understand on what timescales various commercial partners wish to exploit UAV technology, thereby understanding better the magnitude and timing of your revenue streams.



CORMSIS has a long history of successful business research collaborations. We are in a unique position to offer an integrated analysis of your business case with our coherent team of academic experts in relevant fields:

Collaboration opportunity

CORMSIS is open to explore collaboration with all relevant stakeholders, including manufacturers of hardware and/or software drone technology, end users of drone technology applications, research institutes and consultancy firms engaging in this area, and governmental bodies and sector bodies with societal and larger economic implications.

We provide our academic expertise to help organisations strengthen their bid for research council grants, EU grants and other funding opportunities.

If you would like to know more, please contact Peter Becque or visit

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