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New book on 'Archaeological Ethnographies' just published

Published: 14 October 2009

A volume edited by Yannis Hamilakis and Aris Anagnostopoulos (who also co-authored two chapters in it), has just been published, as a special double issue of the journal "Public Archaeology". It is called, "Archaeological Ethnographies", and it is the first published outcome of the ethnography and community archaeology strand of the Kalaureia Research Programme.

The volume charts archaeological ethnography as a new territory of engagement and research. Archaeological Ethnography is defined here as a trans-disciplinary and trans-cultural space, a meeting ground for diverse publics and researchers, in archaeology, social anthropology, and potentially other disciplines practices and traditions. It is a space that encourages and fosters dialogue, collaboration and critique on materiality and temporality, on archaeology as a social practice in the present, on the links, interactions and associations amongst things and people, on local and trans-local valorisations of past material remains. Bringing together the most notable practitioners of this new area from archaeology and social anthropology, and building on a wide range of case studies from England, Greece, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Thailand, and the United States, the volume explores issues of definition and ontology, epistemology and method, but also ethics and politics. This dialogic book will inspire readers to shape their own view and position on this emerging field, and experiment with their own archaeological ethnographies.

For more information see Archaeological Ethnographies

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