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"Real and imagined islands of the Neolithic" Seminar

9 March 2017
John Wymer Lab Building 65a Faculty of Humanities Avenue Campus

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Ing-Marie Back Danielsson at .

Event details

This seminar is part of the Archaeology Seminar Series

Islands, to paraphrase Levi-Strauss, are not only good to live on, but also ‘good to think’ with. Archaeology has long recognised this with researchers approaching islands for a variety of reasons; from seeing them as a world in microcosm, to evolutionary isolates and hyper connected nodes. In this talk I will explore Neolithic activity on islands around Britain, before focusing in on newly identified sites that show the construction of artificial islands in the Neolithic. This indicates that islands might not only be good to think with in the present, but were also good to think through in the past. These exceptional sites are challenging the ways we see the Neolithic, and the ways we carry out archaeology.


Dr Stuart Fraser - University of Southampton

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