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MS 251

Paper by J.Piaget on education and mathematics, 1972

Jean Piaget (1896-1980) was educated at the Universities of Neuchatel, Zurich and Paris. He was Professor of Philosophy at Neuchatel, 1926-9, Professor of Child Psychology and History of Scientific Thought at the University of Geneva, 1929-37, and Professor of General Psychology at the University of Lausanne, 1937-54. From 1929 onwards he was Director of the International Bureau of Education and co-Director of the Institute of Scientific Education from 1933.

Original typescript of `Remarques sur l'education mathematique', a paper by Piaget given to the Southampton International Congress on Mathematical Education, 1972. (Published in translation in Developments in mathematical education: proceedings of the Second International Congress on Mathematical Education ed. A.G.Howson (Cambridge, 1973) and reprinted in The essential Piaget ed. H.E.Gruber and J.J.Voneche (London, 1977).)

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