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MS 253

Journal of the operations of the Spanish First Army under the command of General F.Copons y Navia, June 1813

Journal sent by General Francisco Copons y Navia to the first Duke of Wellington, detailing the operations undertaken by the Spanish First Army under his command, from 2 June 1813 to 20 June 1813, in relation to those of General Sir John Murray, who landed with a British force at Salou in Catalonia on 3 June and laid siege to Tarragona. Murray was obliged to re-embark on 12 June and was later court-martialled for unnecessarily abandoning all war material and munitions. He was exonerated in 1815. The journal, in two volumes, is accompanied by a letter of 21 June 1813, from Headquarters at Valls, to Wellington

The journal is in Spanish, in two booklets, 2 June to 11 June, and 12 June to 20 June. The second part is marked and annotated in English. It is accompanied by a third group of papers containing an English translation and notes. The journal was used as evidence at Murray's court martial. Francisco de Copons y Navia Memorias de los anos de 1814 y 1820 al 24 ed. Francisco de Copons Navia y Asprer (Madrid, 1858) deals principally with the events of 1814-24. Further information appears in The trial of Lieutenant General Sir John Murray (London, 1815).

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