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Executive Development Programmes

The Southampton Business School, Executive Development Programmes (EDP) portfolio has been designed to provide a flexible and practical development framework for individuals and organisations wishing to accelerate their leadership and management capabilities.

Structure of the EDP Portfolio

The EDP portfolio is constantly evolving in terms of content using industry insights to ensure it responds to challenges senior managers face now and into the future. The portfolio has been designed to be accessible, adopting a two-day multiple modular structure throughout the year and covers current and emerging themes highlighted in our new Masters in Business Administration (MBA), to ensure it prepares participants to be successful in their career and the new global marketplace. Participants can elect to complete as many of the modules as they wish, depending on their learning and development goals.

The individual modules have been designed to provide a rich and challenging learning experience that will equip participants with the necessary capabilities to unlock their potential and provides practical outputs and actions. The EDP portfolio can provide the essential building blocks for those recently appointed to, or about to step up to, a senior leadership role.

Advanced Management Programme

If four or more modules are completed by an individual participant, they will be awarded the Southampton Business School, Advanced Management Programme, Certificate of Completion.

Benefits to the individual

  • Gain new perspectives to drive personal improvement and effectiveness.
  • Develop deeper self-awareness and understanding of how to be a more effective leader.
  • Opportunity to 'unlearn' what might inhibit you ability to manage and lead at a more strategic level.
  • Provides a fast-track immersion in the key topics and practices of the Southampton Business School MBA.
  • Provides time to learn about and reflect on themes that will shape the future competitive, economic and social environment.
  • Flexible two-day modular programme providing access to development, integrated with the demands of work.

Benefits to the organisation

  • Provides an elective development process for experienced managers to build on their experience and skills to make a more substantial contribution to the overall success of the organisation.
  • Increase the leadership pipeline for the organisation to support succession planning.
  • Injects the latest thinking on key strategic topics that underpin organisational success.
  • A senior leader programme with real flexibility built around the time pressures of a senior role.

Learning process & key themes

The learning process will combine taught input sessions, syndicated group work, and immersive and investigative case studies to deliver new insights and actions. The programme delivery team will be a collective of Southampton Business School faculty, as well as external practitioners and industry speakers to provide a rigorous and relevant learning experience.

Key themes covered:

  • Leadership Impact
  • Differentiated Innovation
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Corporate Finance
  • Marketing and Reputation
  • Risk Management
  • Operations Management
  • Client Centricity
  • Leading Change
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