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The University of Southampton
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LIAISE interactive software project

Thousands of university students have learned how the key drivers of business really work by taking part in a unique simulation exercise devised by Dr Andrew Stainton of the Southampton Business School. Developed over 25 years in collaboration with many leading companies, the sophisticated LIAISE interactive software challenges small teams to manage and run their own businesses in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) within a realistic real-world environment.

Now, business executives can test their skills and examine their own decision-making abilities by taking part in the simulation for themselves.

The realistic business simulation enables students to experience how to run a business as a team, building skills in marketing, finance, and leadership. It provides the opportunity for them to practise managing a business and tackling everyday issues. In this way, students are better able to demonstrate business understanding and knowledge when prospecting for employment and during job interviews.

Taking part supports individuals to:

Quotes received from businesses

“The content of the business simulation exercise was excellent, reflecting the pressure of decision making in the real world.” Dave Swann, Head of Motor Underwriting, Zurich Financial Services

“An excellent training vehicle. Our people described the simulation as amazing, with dizzying amounts of detail, brutally honest, superbly put together, hugely enjoyable and very challenging. We were very impressed with its quality and robustness.” Clive Peacock, Management Development Manager, Prudential

Other satisfied customers include Mars, Tesco, Kraft, Nationwide, Vodafone, Pearson Education, IBM, Renaissance Capital and Accenture.

Quotes from students

Students at the University of Southampton take part in the simulation in a unique module open to undergraduates from all disciplines. Eve Brown from Law, Clarissa Chay from Chemistry and Luke Thurlow from Geography found it challenging and enjoyable.

“It’s given me real insight into how a business works and I’ve liked working in groups.” Eve Brown.

“The business simulation has been very practical and interactive and I have learned a lot” Clarissa Chay.

“You have to work with other groups to be successful, it’s good to learn how to achieve results through teamwork.” Luke Thurlow.

Developer of LIAISE

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