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UoS Internships

UoS Internships
Create a brighter future

The Employer Relations Team can provide support to faculties and professional services wishing to recruit students for internship projects at the University.

Working across the University, we help to arrange student and graduate internships, whether you have previous experience or require assistance with developing your first opportunity.

Since the offering began in 2009, we have supported over 2,400 internships helping staff and researchers across all departments meet project goals.


How could it benefit you?

Appointing a student for an internship will enable your department to enjoy a number of benefits including:

It’s a great scheme for giving students work experience opportunities and employers a good route for recruitment.

Who can apply? 

We are seeking internships across all areas of the University. Whether you have previous experience of hiring interns, or are looking to create your first opportunity, we have the expertise to guide and support you through the process.

Please see the UoS Internships Internal Host Handbook and MyCareer Employer Guide for further details.

Internship Criteria

In order for an internship to be eligible for the programme it must:

  • Provide a meaningful project giving real value to your department and allowing students to properly develop their skills
  • Be exclusive to University of Southampton students
  • Be based in the UK
  • Be paid at Spinal Point 11 on our university pay scales 

Application Process

Please ensure that you read the UoS Internships Internal Host Handbook in full before applying!

1. If your internship is to be advertised on MyCareer, please proceed to Step 2 below to register on MyCareer as an organisation. If you already have an intern selected*, complete the Locally Advertised Internship Form and send the completed form by email to - you do not need to follow steps 2-5 below or register on MyCareer for a 'Locally Advertised internship.' 

*What were previously ‘Nominated Internships’ have now been replaced by ‘Locally Advertised Internships.’ Please note that there is now an expectation that hosts either advertise their UoS Internships through MyCareer (‘centrally advertised’), or they advertise them directly to a relevant group, such as a Programme student cohort (‘locally advertised’). This ensures a fair and competitive process for the relevant group. Please note that in providing the details of a selected intern in the ‘UoS Internships – Locally Advertised’ form (which replaces the ‘Nominated UoS Internship’ form), you will be asked to confirm that you have advertised the role locally.

2. Register on MyCareer as an organisation.  Please name your organisation 'UoS - Your faculty/department', e.g. 'UoS - Humanities'.  Post your internships in the 'UoS Internships' tab at the top of the homepage. If attempting to post before your registration has been approved, please select 'Post Career Development Opportunity' in the 'UoS Internships' section. Please see our MyCareer Employer Guide for further information about how to register and upload your opportunity.

3. If approved, your vacancy will be advertised to the student body.

4. Once the vacancy has closed, all applications will be collated and sent to you by the Employer Relations Team.

5. All applicants should then be contacted and any interviews arranged by you (interview facilities at the University may be available upon request).

6. Once a suitable candidate has been chosen, the Employer Relations Team must be informed, and internship agreements must be signed by you and the intern before they start work.

For more information about our terms and conditions please read the UoS Internships Internal Host Handbook.

To offer our students the best possible internship experience, we ask that you commit to providing:

  • A meaningful project-based internship
  • A supervisor or line manager to whom the student can report and receive support
  • A formal induction for your student(s) including any appropriate Health and Safety training 

For more information about internships, please read the UoS Internships Internal Host Handbook

If you have any queries, please contact a member of the Employer Relations Team


Telephone: +44(0)23 8059 3501

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