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Authors Meet Critics: Mending Democracy Event

Authors Meet Critics: Mending Democ
09:30 - 11:00
20 April 2021

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The fabric of democracy is threadbare in many contemporary societies. Connections that are vital to the functioning and integrity of our democratic systems are wearing thin. Citizens are increasingly disconnected — from their elected representatives, from one another in the public sphere, and from complex processes of public policy. In such disconnected times, how can we strengthen and renew our democracies?

In their new book Mending Democracy: Democratic repair in disconnected times, Carolyn Hendriks, Selen Ercan and John Boswell argue that the wide scale of disrepair in our democratic fabric cannot realistically be patched over through institutional redesign or one-off innovation. Instead, the authors call for a more connective and systemic approach to repairing democracies. (For a synopsis, check out the authors’ interview on the Democracy Paradox podcast).

This session brings the authors into dialogue with a panel of critics with expertise on the theory and practice of democratic renewal. The critics will interrogate the book’s main claims and themes, and open up rich discussion with the audience. The expert critics are:

  • Claire Mellier is a participation specialist with 15 years’ experience supporting a wide range of public, private organisations and charities in the areas of sustainability, systems change and participation.
  • Dr Oliver Escobar is a Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at the University of Edinburgh. He combines research and practice to develop social and democratic innovations across various policy and community contexts. Oliver’s work has been shared in fifty publications and forty training courses for students and professionals across the public sector and civil society.
  • Dr Marta Wojciechowska is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Kings’ College London. She is a political theorist interested in an interplay between political ideals and social practice. Her work focuses on questions of democracy, cities, and inclusion.

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Meeting ID: 875 3229 6590, Password: 318159

09:30-11:00AM (BST)

Claire Mellier, Dr Oliver Escobar and Dr. Marta Wojciechowska
Claire Mellier, Dr Oliver Escobar and Dr. Marta Wojciechowska
Mending Democracy
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