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Clean Carbon

Lively Clean Carbon funding sandpit identifies three potential projects for funding

Published: 5 October 2016


The event, on 5 October, attracted Clean Carbon members from all six of the Clean Carbon research themes. After an introduction by the Chair of Clean Carbon, Lindsay-Marie Armstrong, participants went to sit at whichever theme table was the best fit for their research, where the theme leaders were stationed to lead the discussion. At some tables there were seven, at a couple only two, but despite the imbalance the ensuing discussions were lively and it was an opportunity to meet new people.

This session was followed by a table shuffle and everyone could now visit another theme table. The theme leads remained at their tables and it was all change for the participants. Again there was intense discussion and more new people to meet.

There were networking opportunities provided, during the lunch at the start and the tea break later and this was an enjoyable way to mix the room up afresh and allow chances for people to talk to each other.

Clint Styles (FEE) and Brigitte Lavoie (RIS) gave talks on how they can help the funding process and Julie Cantalou (PublicPolicy@SOuthampton) was in the room to add policy advice.



Lively group discussions led to three potential projects

The last session focused on identifying projects that might form the basis of a funding bid and as three ideas had emerged, participants now joined the table which ‘hosted’ their preferred idea – drifting from table to table if they chose. The idea is that the USRG will track what happens to these ideas and lend support, whether it is facilitating further meetings or linking researchers to guidance from colleagues in the EU office, who support and are aware of this initiative. The USRG can help to fund activities that are about getting a new funding bid together and will report any results that come out of it. Anyone who missed the event but would like to hear more about the three ideas or join in the plans to apply for funding is welcome to contact Clean Carbon so email Lindsay-Marie Armstrong or Frances Clarke

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