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Clean Carbon

Clean Carbon PhD student wins gold for research poster

Published: 5 March 2017
William Webb (left) receives his gold award

The Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) in Singapore holds an annual 2 day Scientific Research Forum to disseminate the research undertaken in the institute.

The Forum consisted of talks from A*STAR staff and academics of local universities (NUS and NTU) as well as poster presentations. Talks this year (the 6th Edition of the event), were based upon the wide range of research topics undertaken in IMRE and posters were presented by Staff and post graduate students.

William Webb, a third year PhD student under the supervision of Professor Robert Raja splits his time jointly between Southampton and Singapore. In Singapore, he  works for A*STAR at IMRE (Institute for Materials Research and Engineering). His current work is the design of porous solids for the utilisation of carbon dioxide. 

William's winning poster was entitled: 'Engineering MIL-101 (Cr) for enhanced carbon dioxide utilisation'. It discusses ways in which a chromium based terephthalate metal-organic framework (MIL-101) can be modified to make it highly capable of CO2 utilisation in the guise of the reaction of CO2 with epoxides to form cyclic carbonates which have wide-ranging applications from electrolytes in lithium ion batteries to the monomer of polycarbonate plastics.





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