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Dr Tri-Dung Nguyen awarded prestigious EPSRC Fellowship

Published: 8 February 2017
Dr Tri-Dung Nguyen
Dr Tri-Dung Nguyen

Tri-Dung, who is based 50% in the Business School and 50% in Mathematics, has just been awarded a five-year Early Career Fellowship by the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council.


Tri-Dung was initially appointed under the LANCS Initiative.  His research is in the area of cooperative game theory. This branch of game theory offers a conceptually simple and intuitive mathematical framework to model collaborative games in settings involving multiple decision-makers (players). Solutions of cooperative games provide different ways to share the profit or costs among the players in a way that ensures the fairness and stability of the collaboration. The Fellowship will enable Tri-Dung to undertake breakthrough research on a generic class of cooperative games, called integer maximisation games, under a new paradigm that allows for uncertainty as well as solving reasonably large problem instances that cannot be solved by existing methods.  His research will also address a fundamental challenge in operational research, namely how to efficiently solve a large number of discrete optimisation problems that share some common structures.

Tri-Dung plans to apply the research findings to a number of novel real-world applications. For example, he is working with the LINK network of ATM machines, and will develop a fair cost sharing mechanism to the banks that are LINK members and other ATM card service providers on their shared ATM network.   This study is very timely, as the LINK network is currently at risk of breaking down and if this happens millions of UK customers might have to pay fees in future when using ATM machines.


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