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The University of Southampton
CORMSIS Centre for Operational Research, Management Sciences and Information Systems

Our PhD students

Our current PhD and DBA students, by research areas and lead CORMSIS supervisor


Computational Optimization

Shenglong Zhou Houduo Qi A class of proximal ADMM for nonconvex optimization with applications
Chuanqi Qi Houduo Qi Constrained Multidimensional Scaling: Models, Algorithms and Applications
Jian Shen Houduo Qi Matrix Optimization for Time Series


Credit Scoring & Data Mining

Edward Tong Christophe Mues Mixture models in consumer credit risk for the Basel II Accord
Juan Carlos Moreno Paredes Christophe Mues Using multi-objective techniques in consumer credit risk


Decision Support & Optimization

Dirk Banholzer Joerg Fliege EPSRC Global optimisation of noisy functions with applications in finance
Sam Diserens Joerg Fliege EPSRC Computational tools for space debris mitigation
Marton Benedek Joerg Fliege EPSRC Efficient algorithms in cooperative game theory
Laura Murray Joerg Fliege EPSRC Computational methods for bilevel optimisation
Harriet Hall Joerg Fliege EPSRC & ESA Trajectory optimisation for a mission to Enceladus
Alice Robins Joerg Fliege EPSRC & Boeing Optimisation methods for staff training in a stochastic environment
Ruth Walton Joerg Fliege EPSRC & RNLI Modern optimisation tools for maintenance optimisation
Walton P Coutinho Joerg Fliege Science without borders Optimising a fleet of gliders for disaster response


Discrete Optimization & Scheduling

Fulin Xie Chris Potts Algorithms and Models for workforce scheduling and routing problems in emergency response services
Jiabin Luo Yue Wu Credit risk modelling and management with a comparative study between developed countries and China
Murat Oguz Tolga Bektas Location problems in disaster management
Yi Qu Tolga Bektas Network flow and shortest path problems
Nor Aliza Abd Rahmin Chris Potts Disruption in Health Care Planning
Lin Zhu Yue Wu Transport optimisation in container terminals
Carlos Lamas Julia Bennell Three dimensional irregular packing problems



Ganye Kwah Driscole Honora Smith  ESRC Efficacy of the Process Management Concept in Designing a Sustainable Healthcare Delivery Management System
Dave Evenden Sally Brailsford Wessex AHSN Modelling the future of dementia care in Wessex
Gerhart Knerer Christine Currie   Economic evaluation of interventions for dengue fever and dengue haemorrhagic fever in resource-poor settings
Katherine Penny Sally Brailsford EPSRC The use of telecare in dementia
Christina Saville Honora Smith EPSRC Modelling Pathways to Diagnosis of Breast Conditions
Dandan Shi Honora Smith   Effective Provision of Critical Care Services
Maria Flynn Tom Monks NIHR Modelling patient flow in hospitals

Knowledge management

Saeed Alatawi Jonathan Klein The effect of organisational climate on the creative behaviour among faculty members: a comparative study on public and private Saudi universities
Adel Alnakhli Jonathan Klein The use of knowledge based and credit scoring systems in Saudi Banks
Chris Tong Jonathan Klein The role of mass media campaigns in changing health related behaviour - an integrated approach to increase the effectiveness of messages, and improve outcomes
Alastair Tipple Jonathan Klein (DBA)  How actor profiling around strategic technology decisions can affect the perceived value contribution of technology
Reem Turky Jonathan Klein (DBA) Implementation of strategic visionary management of research parks affiliated with universities


Mathematical Programming & Optimization

Phillip Le Tri-Dung Nguyen   Computational methods for cooperative games
Andrey Tin Alain Zemhoko EPSRC

 Iterative methods for solving Bilevel Optimization problems


Revenue & Inventory Management

Yalin Bi Christine Currie Revenue management in the railway industry
Simos Zachariades Christine Currie Optimization in revenue management
Andria Ellina Christine Currie Exploration and exploitation in a non-stationary environment: applying multi-armed bandit methods to pricing optimization
Muzaffer Alim Patrick Beullens Optimal Inventory Control with Postponed Demand by Price Discount
Hua Jin Patrick Beullens The Impact of Tax Legislation on Inventory Management and Sourcing Strategies


Stochastic Modelling

Yuan Zhang Huifu Xu Stochastic Programming Models and Methods for Portfolio Optimization and Risk Management
Shu Pan Thanos Avramidis Modelling and analysing the breakdown process using stochastic methods


Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Hafizah Binti Zulkipli  Patrick Beullens Supply Chain Coordination based on Cash-Flow Functions
Fangsheng Ge Patrick Beullens An integrated study of the shipping supply chain from design to operation under varying economic conditions



Al Sedran, H Ian Harwood Market Entry and Market Entry Mode Decisions: The Case of the Saudi Insurance Market, 1985-2015
Layla Khoja Maxwell Chipulu Predicting corporate bankruptcy in Arabic gulf companies
Etemadi, S Ian Harwood Agile Project Risk Management in Fast Track Construction Projects 
Fabrizia Ratto Sally Brailsford The economic value of pollination services
Sarah Chahine Yuan Huang Interconnectedness in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: A Social Capital Perspective
Abubakar Yusuf Baba Patrick Beullens Agricultural development in Northern Nigeria - Business case for small-scale resilience and symbiosis


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