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The University of Southampton
Getting out and about: using technologies for safer walking

Phases of the project

There are three phases to this research.


Phase 1: Six focus groups of eight people in each - with women with dementia (1), men with dementia (1), wives/husbands/partners of people with dementia (1), grown up children of people with dementia (1), and police (2). The focus groups will last no more than 90 minutes and will be in central Southampton. Transport and refreshments will be provided.


Phase 2: ‘Go along’ interviews with 30 people with dementia; interviews with family members/carers. If you participate in this part then a researcher will go out for a walk with you on two occasions. These will be usual walks that you go on. The researcher will record elements of the walk using photos or short videos, and record the discussion. Interviews will include looking at the photos and videos and discussing how walking helps and how the technologies are useful to you. These interviews will be held at your home.


Phase 3: Workshops to produce guidance about using GPS technologies for people with dementia, their family members and carers, police and health and social care professionals.


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