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English Part of Humanities Undergraduate study

Employability Facts and Figures

English is a degree that will enable you to study what you are passionate about whilst still gathering the skills which will make you employable when you leave university. If you love reading, writing, exploring human nature, history or society, studying the subject at Southampton will allow you both to cultivate your interests and develop the skills that all graduate employers value.

Careers facts

All employers value the ability to use English accurately and persuasively, in speech and in writing. However there are several careers where the skilful use of English is a key qualification. These include book publishing, journalism, and English teaching.

The main functions in publishing are: editorial, design and production, marketing, distribution and administration (including accounts and computing). It is worth noting that once you are in one of these positions, there is always room for progression or manoeuvre.

Journalism is ultimately the collection and dissemination of information, and is a field in which graduates of English often excel. Journalists specialize in a wide variety of fields. You can report on news and current affairs, the media, travel, sport and many other subjects of interest. Journalism usually comes under the strands of broadcast and magazine journalism, but it is possible to change between the two.

Many other careers are also open to an English graduate, including public relations, sales, and advertising. Graduates in English can and do also take up managerial roles, write creatively or factually for a living, or move on to further study.

English at Southampton

Graduates entering full-time work embarked on a wide range of careers, the most popular being marketing; writing and translation; public relations; administration. For example, one of our graduates is currently the Editorial Assistant for the Which charity and its magazine, and earns between £20,000 - £24,000. They are able to use the skills gained through their English degree to get ahead in this competitive industry.

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Photo of Tig Wallace
I’ve been working for Penguin Books since May 2013, as Editorial Assistant for Puffin Fiction. I’m thrilled to be in a job that directly uses the skills I learnt on my degree, from editing and writing to time management and juggling lots of things at once.
Tig Wallace , BA English, MA Creative Writing

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