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PASNAS: Part-Time Employment

How much do I pay to PASNAS if I am working part time?

The contribution rate is the same as that for full time employees, but calculated against your actual part time salary.

How does working part time affect my benefits?

As a member of PASNAS working part-time, the service you accrue will be at the rate of your part-time employment. For example, if you work at 50% of full time for two years, the Pensionable Service you will accrue will be one year.

What happens if I change my hours?

If you increase or decrease your hours during your membership of PASNAS, your Pensionable Service rate of accrual will also change. Any change will not affect the Pensionable Service accrued up to the date of change.

Are my benefits calculated differently to a full time member?

The basis of the calculation of PASNAS benefits is exactly the same for full-time and part-time members. The only difference being that part-time staff will accrue service at their part-time fraction.

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