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The University of Southampton

Eligible Taught Programmes

Please find below a list of eligible taught programmes for Summer Graduation 2023.

Please note the below list of eligible programmes is not exhaustive and does not include MRes, MPhil or PhD programmes.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Arts and Humanities

Archaeology BA Ancient History and Archaeology
BA Archaeology
BA Archaeology and History
BA in Archaeology and Anthropology
BSc in Archaeology
Master of Archaeology (Integrated)
MSc Archaeology (Bioarchaeology)
MSc Archaeology (Paleoanthropology)
English BA English
BA English and French
BA English and German
BA English and History
BA English and Spanish
BA English with Creative Writing
MA Global Literary Industries Management
Film Studies BA Film
BA Film and English
BA Film and Philosophy
BA Film and Spanish
BA Film and History
MA Film and Cultural Management
MA Film Studies
History BA Ancient History
BA Ancient History and History
BA Ancient History and Philosophy
BA French and History
BA German and History
BA History
BA Modern History and Politics with a Year Abroad
BA Modern History and Politics
BA Spanish and History
MA History
MA History Part Time
Languages, Cultures and Linguistics BA English Language and Linguistics
BA French
BA French and German
BA French and Portuguese
BA French and Spanish
BA German
BA German and Music
BA German and Spanish
BA Languages and Contemporary European Studies
BA Modern Languages
BA Politics and French Studies
BA Politics and German Studies
BA Politics and Spanish and Latin American Studies
BA Spanish (Latin American Studies)
BSc Business Management and French
BSc Business Management and German
BSc Business Management and Spanish
BA French and German
BA French and Linguistics
BA German and Linguistics
BA Languages and Contemporary European Studies
MA English Language Teaching
MA English Language Teaching / TESOL Studies
MA Transnational Studies
Master of Languages (French and Spanish)
Master of Languages (German and Linguistics)
Master of Languages (Spanish)
BA Spanish and Linguistics
Modern Languages and Linguistics MA English Language Teaching / TESOL Studies
Music BA Music
BA Music and Business Management
MA International Music Management
MMus Music (Composition)
MMus Music (Education)
MMus Music (Performance)
Philosophy BA Economics and Philosophy
BA Philosophy
BA Philosophy and History
BA Philosophy and Mathematics
BA Philosophy and Music
BA Philosophy and Politics
BA Philosophy and Sociology
BA Philosophy and English
BA Philosophy, Ethics and Religion
BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics
BSc in Philosophy, Politics and Economics
MA Philosophy
Winchester School of Art BA Fashion Design: Menswear
BA Fashion Design: Womenswear
BA Fashion Marketing with Management
BA Fine Art
BA Games Design and Art
BA Graphic Arts: Graphic Design
BA Graphic Arts: Illustration
BA Graphic Arts: Motion Design
BA Graphic Arts: Photography
MA Design Management
BA Textile Design: Knitted Textiles
BA Textile Design: Printed Textiles
BA Textile Design: Woven Textiles

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Engineering and Physical Sciences Civil, Maritime and Environmental Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering
Engineering Education - Acoustical Engineering Acoustical Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Acoustics with Music
MEng Acoustical Engineering
MSc Acoustical and Vibration Engineering
MSc in Acoustical and Vibration Engineering - Signal Processing
MSc in Acoustical and Vibration Engineering - Structural Vibration
Aeronautics and Astronautics
Aeronautics and Astronautics / Aerodynamics
Aeronautics and Astronautics / Airvehicle Systems and Design
Aeronautics and Astronautics / Computational Engineering and Design
Aeronautics and Astronautics / Engineering Management
Aeronautics and Astronautics / Materials and Structures
Aeronautics and Astronautics / Spacecraft Engineering
Bachelor of Science (Ordinary) in Aeronautics and Astronautics
BEng Aeronautics and Astronautics
MSc Aerodynamics and Computation
MSc Race Car Aerodynamics
MSc Space Systems Engineering
Engineering Education - Audiology

Bachelor of Science in Audiology
MSc Audiology
Engineering Education - Civil and Environmental Engineering Bachelor of Science (Ordinary) in Civil Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering with Architecture
MEng Civil Engineering
MEng Civil Engineering and Architecture
MSc Civil Engineering
MSc Transportation Planning and Engineering (Behaviour)
MSc Transportation Planning and Engineering (Infrastructure)
MSc Transportation Planning and Engineering (Operations)
Engineering Education - Energy MSc Energy and Sustainability (Energy, Environment and Buildings)
MSc Energy and Sustainability (Energy, Resources and Climate Change)
MSc Sustainable Energy Technologies
Engineering Education - Maritime Engineering MEng Ship Science
MSc Maritime Engineering Science (Advanced Computational Engineering)
MSc Maritime Engineering Science (Maritime Engineering and Autonomy)
MSc Maritime Engineering Science (Naval Architecture)
MSc Maritime Engineering Science (Yacht and High Performance Craft)
Naval Engineering
Ship Science
Ship Science / Naval Architecture
Yacht and Small Craft
Engineering Education - Mechanical Engineering Acoustical Engineering
Advanced Materials
Bachelor of Science (Ordinary) in Mechanical Engineering
BEng Mechanical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Computational Engineering and Design
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering / Aerospace
Mechanical Engineering / Engineering Management
Mechanical Engineering / Mechatronics
Mechanical Engineering / Sustainable Energy Systems
MEng Mechanical Engineering
MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering Science (Computational Engineering and Design)
MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering Science (Engineering Materials)
MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering Science (Mechatronics)
MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering Science (Propulsion and Engine Systems Engineering)
MSc Biomedical Engineering
Naval Engineering
School of Chemistry

BSc Chemistry
BSc Chemistry and Biochemistry
BSc in Chemistry (Digital methods and Computational modelling)
Master of Chemistry
MChem Chemistry with Maths
MChem Chemistry with Medicinal Science
MChem In-House
MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering
MSc Chemistry
School of Electronics and Computer Science

Aerospace Electronic Engineering
Artifical Inteligence (MEng Electronic Engineering)
Artificial Intelligence (MEng Computer Science)
BEng Electrical Engineering
BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
BEng Software Engineering
Biomedical Electronic Engineering
Computer Science (BSc Computer Science)
Computer Science (MEng Computer Science)
Computer Science with Cyber Security
Computer Systems (MEng Electronic Engineering)
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Industrial Studies
European Masters in Embedded Computer Systems
Machine Intelligence for Nano-electronic Devices and Systems
Master of Engineering in Computer Science with Industrial Studies
Mechatronic Engineering
MEng Electrical Engineering
MEng Electronic Engineering with Industrial Studies
MEng Software Engineering
MSc Artificial Intelligence
MSc Computer Science
MSc Cyber Security
MSc Data Science
MSc Internet of Things
MSc Micro and Nanotechnology
MSc Microelectronics Systems Design
MSc Mobile Communications and Smart Networking
MSc Software Engineering
MSc Systems, Control and Signal Processing
Nanotechnology (MEng Electronic Engineering)
Photonics (MEng Electronic Engineering)
School of Physics and Astronomy Astrophysics with a Year of Research
  BSc Physics
  Master of Physics
  Master of Physics with Astronomy
  Master of Physics with Mathematics
  Master of Physics with Nanotechnology
  Master of Physics with Photonics
  Master of Physics with Space Science
Zepler Institute for Photonics and Nanoelectronics MSc Optical Fibre and Photonic Engineering
MSc Optical Fibre Technologies

Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences

Environmental and Life Sciences Allied Health Professions

BSc (Hons) Cardiac Physiology (Healthcare Science)
BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
BSc Occupational Therapy
BSc Physiotherapy
BSc Podiatry
MSc Occupational Therapy (Pre-registration)
MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration)
Environmental and Life Sciences - Central BSc Natural Sciences
Integrated master of Science Natural Sciences
Nursing, Midwifery and Health (Honours) Midwifery (with eligibility for NMC Part 2 Registration)
Bachelor of Nursing in Mental Health Nursing
BSc Clinical Practice Generic Pathway
BSc Midwifery
BSc Nursing (Child)
Clinical Leadership in Cancer, Palliative Care and End of Life Care
in ACP Advanced Neonatal Nursing Practice
in Nursing (Adult)
in Nursing (Child)
Master of Nursing in Adult and Child Nursing
Master of Nursing in Adult and Mental Health Nursing
Master of Science in MSc Advanced Clinical Practice (Advanced Critical Care Practitioner)
MSc Advanced Clinical Practice: Advanced Practitioner
MSc Leadership & Management Health and Social Care (Post)
MSc Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care
MSc Nursing (Adult)
MSc Nursing (Child)
MSc Nursing (Mental Health)
MSc Professional Practice in Health Sciences
MSc Specialist Community Public Health Nursing
PGDip Nursing (Adult)
PGDip Nursing (Mental Health)
Professional Practice in Health Sciences
School of Biological Sciences BSc (Hons) Biochemistry
BSc (Hons) Biology
BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences
BSc Biomedical Sciences
BSc Ecology and Conservation
BSc Neuroscience
BSc Pharmacology
BSc Zoology
MRes Evolution: From Galapagos to the 21st Century
MSci Biochemistry
MSci Biology
MSci Biomedical Sciences
MSci Ecology and Conservation
MSci Neuroscience
MSci Zoology
School of Geography and Environmental Science BA Geography
BSc Environmental Mang/Business
BSc Environmental Science: Biodiversity and Conservation
BSc Environmental Science: Sustainable Environmental Management
BSc Geography
Environmental Science: Aquatic Environments and Resources
Environmental Science: Biodiversity and Conservation
Environmental Science: Environmental Change
Environmental Science: Sustainable Environmental Management
MSc Applied Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing
MSc Biodiversity and Conservation
MSc Environmental Consultancy
MSc Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
MSc Environmental Pollution Control
MSc Geographical Information Systems (WUN)
MSc Sustainability
MSc Water Resource Management
School of Ocean and Earth Science Bachelor of Science with Honours Environmental Geoscience (Geoscience Pathway)
BSc (Hons) Geophysics and Geology
BSc Biology and Marine Biology
BSc Geology Single Honours
BSc Geophysical Sciences
BSc Marine Biology
BSc Marine Biology with Oceanography
BSc Oceanogography (General)
BSc Oceanography with Physical Geography
Marine Biology
MSci Biology & Marine Biology
MSci Marine Biology with Oceanography
School of Psychology BSc Psychology
BSc Psychology with Law
Grad Dip Education Mental Health Practitioner
MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology
MSc Health Psychology
MSc Research Methods in Psychology
PG Cert Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Severe Mental Health)
PG Dip Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Anxiety and Depression)
PG Dip Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Level 1)
PG Dip Education Mental Health Practitioner
  MSc Amputation and Prosthetic Rehabilitation


Faculty of Medicine


Human Development and Health

Diabetes Best Practice
MSc Genomic Medicine
MSc Genomics
MSc Genomics (Informatics)
MSc Genomics (Medicine)
MSc Public Health
MSc Public Health (Global Health)
MSc Public Health (Management)
MSc Public Health (Nutrition)
Medicine - Central BM(EU) Medicine
BM4 Medicine
BM5 Medicine
BM5 with integrated Masters in Medical Science
BM6 Medicine
Master of Medical Sciences
MRes Biomedical Science


Faculty of Social Sciences

Social Sciences Economics BSc Accounting and Economics
BSc Economics
BSc Economics and Actuarial Science
BSc Economics and Finance
BSc Economics and Management Science
MEcon Economics
MSc Economics
MSc Finance and Econometrics
MSc Finance and Economics
Gerontology MSc Gerontology
MSc Gerontology (Research)
MSc Global Ageing and Policy (Distance Learning)
Politics and International Relations BSc in Politics and International Relations
BSc International Relations
BSc Politics
BSc Politics and Economics
BSc Politics and International Relations
BScSoc Polit & Internat Rel
Master of Public Administration
MSc International Politics
MSc International Security and Risk
School of Economic, Social and Political Sciences Social Research Methods (Area Studies)
Social Research Methods (Politics and International Relations)
Social Research Methods (Psychology) (Portsmouth)
Social Research Methods (Psychology) (Southampton)
Social Research Methods (Social Policy) (Southampton)
School of Mathematical Sciences BSc Mathematics
BSc Mathematics with Actuarial Science
BSc Mathematics with Computer Science
BSc Mathematics with Finance
BSc Mathematics with German
BSc Mathematics with Statistics
Master of Mathematics in Mathematical Physics
Master of Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics
Mathematical Sciences
MMath Master of Mathematics
MORSE (Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics)
MSc Actuarial Science
MSc Data and Decision Analytics
MSc Operational Research
MSc Operational Research and Finance
MSc Operational Research and Statistics
MSc Statistics
MSc Statistics with Applications in Medicine
Social Statistics and Demography BSc Population and Geography
MSc Applied Statistics
MSc Data Analytics for Government
MSc Demography
MSc Global Health
MSc Social Research Methods with Applied Statistics
Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology BSc Criminology
BSc Criminology and Psychology
BSc Social Pol & Criminology
BSc Sociology
BSc Sociology & Criminology
BSc Sociology with Anthropology
MSc Criminology
MSc Sociology and Social Policy
Sociology and Social Policy (International Social Policy)
Southampton Business School BSc Finance
BSc in Accounting & Finance
BSc in Business Analytics
BSc in Business Entrepreneurship
BSc in Business Management
BSc in Marketing
BSc in Marketing with Placement Year
BSc Marketing
Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship)
MSc Accounting and Finance
MSc Accounting and Management
MSc Business Analytics and Finance
MSc Business Analytics and Management Science
MSc Business Strategy and Innovation Management
MSc Digital Business
MSc Digital Marketing
MSc Digital Strategy and Information Systems
MSc Finance
MSc Human Resource Management
MSc in Finance
MSc in International Management Jan
MSc International Banking and Financial Studies
MSc International Entrepreneurship and Management
MSc International Financial Markets
MSc International Management
MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Analytics
MSc Marketing Analytics
MSc Marketing Management
MSc Project Management
MSc Risk and Finance
MSc Risk Management
BSc Education
BSc Education and Psychology
Southampton Education School MSc Education
MSc Education (Management and Leadership)
MSc Education (Practice & Innovation)
Southampton Law School in International Commercial and Corporate Law
LL.B Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
LL.B Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (Accelerated)
LL.B Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (Maritime Law)
LL.B Bachelor of Laws (Honours) Juris Doctor
LL.B Bachelor of Laws (Honours) Law with Psychology
LLM Maritime Law
LLM Masters of Laws


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