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The University of Southampton
Health Technologies

Showcasing LifeGuide: software that allows YOU to create internet-delivered interventions Event

12:00 - 13:00
8 January 2014
Building 58 (Highfield site) LRC, ground floor

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Event details

This one hour seminar will provide a rapid overview of some of the studies being carried out as part of a 10 year programme of inter-disciplinary e-health research at the University of Southampton that has already attracted over £15 million funding to the university over the past 5 years. LifeGuide is unique software pioneered by the university that enables people who have no computing science background to create interactive websites to support management of health and illness – or any other type of behaviour change. The seminar will illustrate the kinds of studies that can be carried out using LifeGuide and how the software will continue to develop and be deployed over the next five years.

3 minute talks

Lucy Yardley - LifeGuide: the last five years

Miriam Santer - SPaCE: an intervention for parents of children with eczema

Stephanie Hughes/Hazel Everitt - ACTIB: Assessing Cognitive behavioural Therapy in Irritable Bowel

Adam Geraghty - INDRA: an intervention for managing stress in primary care

Emily Smith - POWeRPlus:  trialling an intervention for sustained weight loss

Ingrid Muller - Developing materials for people with low health literacy:  an international study

Rosie Essery - ODIN:  A self-management intervention for older people with dizziness

Claire Foster - RESTORE:  an intervention for self-management of fatigue in cancer survivors

Claire Meagher - LifeCIT:  an intervention to support home-based rehabilitation for stroke


Rosie Stanford - SupportBack:  an intervention for self-management of chronic low back pain

Charlie Hargood - UBhave: software for creating interventions for smart phones

Leanne Morrison - Understanding development and usage of health behaviour change apps

Danius Michaelides - Visualising LifeGuide usage data

Mark Weal - Further technological developments in LifeGuide

Lucy Yardley - LifeGuide: the next five years

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