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Academic Promotions - External References

The University is committed to applying the highest standards in its internal promotion procedures. We would normally expect the successful candidates to be of a standard equivalent to those appointed through external advertisement in terms of national and/or international distinction in their field.

Referees’ comments play an important role in evaluating the applicant’s standing in their field, and their readiness for promotion.

Reference reports are sought for promotions to Level 6 and Level 7 only.

Assessment Criteria

The ERE promotion process applies to all Education, Research and Knowledge Exchange & Enterprise (ERE) staff, regardless of pathway, currently at levels 4, 5 or 6. There are four different pathways within the ERE framework. These are the Balanced, Education, Research, and Knowledge Exchange & Enterprise pathways, and are built on the four key areas of contribution.

The purpose of having a clear promotion process is to promote ERE staff whose performance demonstrates particular merit in:

The process provides a fair and equitable method of assessment which should encourage a diverse range of candidates. It enables flexibility in assessment in order that the various ways in which staff contribute to the University's vision and strategic goals can be rewarded on the basis of consistently applied standards.


Should you have any queries in relation to providing a reference, or to understand the University's Academic Promotions process, please email .

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