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The University of Southampton
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CW4B - From super cyclones to smart cities: seeking sustainable solutions in Odisha, India Event

3 November 2021
Presented via Zoom

Event details

Professor Jadu Dash, a globally renowned expert in remote sensing and geospatial analysis, based at the School of Geography and Environmental Sciences, to deliver an India Centre CW4B lecture.

Climate change, sporadic extreme weather events and natural disasters bring catastrophic effects on human lives and livelihood. Jadu Dash, PhD, Professor in Remote Sensing within the School of Geography and Environmental Sciences brings in more than a decade of extensive experience and knowledge of the application of remote sensing techniques and mixed methods to understand, predict and mitigate natural disasters and climate change impact and challenges. 

Odisha, the Eastern most state in India, has one of the richest natural resources in India, yet considered as one of the less developed state in the country. One of the key factors inhibiting the development of growth in the state, is its exposure to a range of natural disasters. Understandably, as a lot of focus in the past has been put in saving lives and then livelihood. However, in the last decade progress has been made to make the state more resilient to such events and the state is in an upwards trajectory of growth. 

This lecture will summarise a decade of research at University of Southampton by utilising satellite remote sensing and mixed methods, first to understand the pathways of resilience from cyclones in coastal Odisha by mainly focusing on patterns of recovery. Second, the ‘new’ challenge associated with rapid urbanisation and how they are effecting the local and regional climate. The Odisha experience offers new insights and sustainable solutions for world regions affected by extreme weather and climate change.

Speaker information

Professor Jadu Dash, a Professor in Remote Sensing within Geography and Environmental Science at the University of Southampton. He has been a member of staff in Geography and Environmental Science since 2006.

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