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A Night at the Opera (online Course)

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A night at the opera
A night at the opera

This course offers a short introduction to opera – an art form long considered to be inaccessible. Aimed at newcomers to the form and connoisseurs alike, this short course will cover a range of questions regarding opera through fairly in-depth appreciation sessions of four operas in three different languages and will also feature a section called “One-liners for the famous” to introduce ten major opera plots in an engaging, succinct manner. By the end of the course you will be able to identify most of the broad foreign language terms used to refer to opera practices/singers, be familiar with the plots of ten very famous operas in the repertory and possess a deeper understanding of the structure of four specific works. During the course we will engage with the current discussions and questions regarding the relevance of opera and look at the “behind-the-scenes” process of an opera.


Course Information

Tutor: Anisha Netto

Dates: Wednesday 10th February – 17th March 2021

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