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Lifelong Learning

Chinese Language and Calligraphy

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Aims and Learning Outcomes


To get a general knowledge of Chinese calligraphy with basic language input and learn how to write Chinese characters with a brush pen.


Chinese calligraphy appreciated more for its aesthetic quality has a long tradition, and is today regarded as one of the arts in the countries where it is practised. Chinese calligraphy focuses not only on methods of writing but also on cultivating one's personal character. The course will teach the skill together with the language.


A. Knowledge and Understanding

To gain basic knowledge of Chinese language and Chinese calligraphy as arts as well as a better understanding of the Chinese culture.

B. Subject Specific Intellectual and Research Skills

To find out thoughts behind each Chinese character.

C. Transferable and Generic Skills

It may cultivate one's personal character and release stresses.


Summary of Syllabus Content

Typical module content will include:

Basic language contents and introduction of Chinese writing tools, history of Chinese characters, appreciation of calligraphy works and different schools; demonstration and hands on practicing.


Summary of Teaching and Learning Methods

Teaching methods:

It will be student centred and hands on teaching approach. The tutor will bring paper, ink and brushes for students to practice and giving demonstration for each character.


Learning methods:

Students will have 1.5 hour weekly face to face tutorial and practice at home independently for about 2 hours or as long as they wish to get the satisfactory result.



Tutor self-made materials from various online and offline resources.


Term Dates: 21/04/21-23/06/21


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