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Quantum Calamities and Solutions

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Quantum Calamities
Quantum Calamities


What will happen to our computers as they are getting smaller and smaller? As we increase the integration density of integrated circuits in the contemporary “classical computer”, quantum effects start to prevail. Hence, the general rules of developing the classical computer will no longer be valid. On the other hand, the advances in quantum physics lead us to the alluring benefits of high performance quantum computing, also promising perfectly secure quantum communication.

This course provides you with a series of lessons in quantum technology, with special emphasis on quantum computation and communication. The course will put more emphasis on the application aspects of quantum information processing than on quantum physics. This course is designed for beginners having a minimal knowledge on quantum physics who are enthusiastic about quantum technology and its role in the future. At the end of the course, you will have an understanding why we must consider the “quantum” world and what benefits it provides for the advancement of humanity.

Course Information

Tutor: Daryus Chandra

Dates: Thursday 24th October – Thursday 28th November 2019








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