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Lifelong Learning

Mandarin Chinese

We look forward to welcoming new and returning students to the University of Southampton.

Bookings for our 2024/25 Mandarin Chinese courses will open during the Summer period and courses will start in October 2024.

To find out more about course durations and fees, please visit our Book a Course page.

Levels/Stage Length Day Start
End Date Time Tutor

A Taste of Chinese Stage 1a

10 weeks Monday 09/10/2023 11/12/2023 7 to 9pm Xiaohan Gunter

Move on in Chinese Stage 1bc

20 weeks Monday 08/01/2024 17/06/2024 7 to 9pm Xiaohan Gunter

Chinese Stage 1abc

30 weeks Monday 09/10/2023 17/06/2024 7 to 9pm Xiaohan Gunter

About our Courses

The aim of every language course at the University is to enable you to communicate in your target language (TL) at that particular level and in your particular area of interest. We use the word ‘communicate’ in its widest sense, meaning that you will not only be able to talk to people in the language but also to develop your proficiency in listening, reading, and writing. This means that the module aims for you to understand all the things which affect communication in that language, including knowledge of how the language is used, how it works and how to analyse it, and the cultural contexts in which it is spoken.

View information about the topics and subjects covered in each stage of Mandarin Chinese Stage 1

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