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Bookings for our year long course are now closed. Summer courses will be available to book via this link. Courses for next year (2021/22) are in the table below. To book please follow the individual course links which will be available soon.

Levels available:

Level/Stage Length  Day  Start
Time Tutor
Japanese Beginners (Stage 1) 30 Weeks Thursday 14/10/21 19:00-21:00 Asuka Tsuchiya
A taste of Japanese (stage 1a) 10 Weeks Thursday 14/10/21 19:00-21:00 Asuka Tsuchiya
Move on in Japanese stage 1b&c) 20 weeks Thursday 14/01/21 19:00-21:00 Asuka Tsuchiya

Learn Japanese with Asuka Online course (Stage 1)

30 weeks


11/1021 See below Asuka Tsuchiya
Japanese Improvers (Stage 2) 30 Weeks


12/10/22 19:00-21:00 Asuka Tsuchiya
Learn Japanese with Asuka Online course (Stage 2) 30 weeks


15/10/21 See Below Asuka Tsuchiya
Japanese Intermediate (Stage 3) 30 Weeks Thursday 14/10/21 19:00-21:00 Chieko Fry
Japanese Upper-Intermediate (Stage 4) ONLINE 30 Weeks Monday 11/10/21 19:00-21:00 Cheiko Fry


Learn Japanese with Asuka: learning at your own pace and in your own place!

Learn Japanese with Asuka has been specially designed by one of our Japanese tutors to offer a course that will enable you to learn a language at a time and pace that suits your needs. When you sign up to this fully-tutored course you will be given access to our virtual learning environment (VLE) on which video lessons with Asuka will be made available on a weekly basis. These will provide an introduction to the material covered in the course which you can watch at a time convenient to you. They are supplemented by additional materials and weekly tasks which you can complete during the week and submit to the tutor for feedback. Each week Asuka will offer a live Q&A session so that you can ask questions about any aspects of the learning material and tasks for which you

need additional help or clarification. In addition you will be able to post questions to Asuka via the VLE and also receive individual feedback via email on the weekly tasks.

The course will run for 30 weeks from 11/10/21 – 30/06/22


Courses available:

*Learn Japanese with Asuka Online course 1 (Beginners) – live Q&A sessions take place on Mondays.

**Learn Japanese with Asuka Online course 2 (Improvers) – live Q&A sessions take place on Fridays.

So, if you are looking for a different way of learning which offers all the benefits of an in person course with added flexibility and full tutor support Learn Japanese with Asuka is the ideal course for you.



The aim of every language course at the University is to enable you to communicate in your target language (TL) at that particular level and in your particular area of interest. We use the word ‘communicate’ in its widest sense, meaning that you will not only be able to talk to people in the language but also to develop your proficiency in listening, reading, and writing. This means that the module aims for you to understand all the things which affect communication in that language, including knowledge of how the language is used, how it works and how to analyse it, and the cultural contexts in which it is spoken.


For more information about what will be covered in each of the stages for Japanese click on the relevant schemes of work below.


To book:

Click on the stage you are interested in and you will be redirected to our Online Store.

For queries, contact us or email:

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