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ArcGIS Essential Training

Learn to create and manage data, maps, and analytical models with ArcGIS.

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AutoCAD 2016 Essential Training

Learn how to master AutoCAD 2016 and draw the kind of precise, measured 2D drawings that form the basis of design communication the world over.

Excel 2016

Excel 2016 Essential Training

Learn how to to enter and organize data, create formulas and functions, build charts and PivotTables, and use other powerful Excel 2016 features.


WordPress Essential Training

Learn how to create your own feature-rich blog or website with WordPress. Find out how to schedule posts, customize themes, install plugins, and more.

Excel 2013

Excel 2013 Essential Training

Teaches you the basics of using Excel 2013 to enter and organize data, use functions, and build charts and PivotTables.


SEO Fundamentals

Learn about search engine optimisation including how to read a results page and see how rankings affect businesses. 

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