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Micro and Nano Therapies

Mr Filip Plazonic 

Postgraduate research student

Mr Filip Plazonic's photo

It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes. – Douglas Adams

Filip Plazonic started his PhD in 2014, under the supervision of Dr. Peter Glynne-Jones and Prof. Martyn Hill, with a goal of developing a device capable of capturing and detecting any spore, cell, or bacteria that might be of interest in a sample using ultrasound to concentrate, and antibodies to capture the pathogens. In a similar vein, he is also looking at the viability of the same device, as a basophil capture and analysis device. This work is done with another PhD student, Chloe Rose, and if successful, could speed up the allergy testing process.

Filip has a background in acoustical engineering, during which he worked on projects such as ultrasonic dental cleaner and an improved model for bubble resonance in finite ducts. Recently he started a project with Dr. Dario Carugo that is looking into using bubbles in an ultrasound field to penetrate biofilms so that antibiotics can get inside the biofilm itself (when usually that may not be the case).

Research interests

Filip is currently investigating the interaction between ultrasound and living cells. His primary focus is using sound as a tool for improving either detection or prevention methods. He is interested in the use of ultrasound and/or bubbles as a way of treating various conditions (either mechanically, or by enhancing the chemical treatments)

 Primary Project:

  • Development of an acoustofluidic device for spore and bacteria detection

Side Projects:

  • Study of using bubbles as a drug delivery method to generally resistant biofilms
  • Development of a microfluidic device for basophil capture and analysis

Research group

Mechatronics Engineering Group

Mr Filip Plazonic
Mechatronics, Room 4079, Building 13
Faculty of Engineering and the Environment, University Road,
University of Southampton Highfield Campus,
Southampton, SO171BJ, UK
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