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The University of Southampton
Micro and Nano Therapies

Mr Hoong Kurt Looi

Undergraduate student

Mr Hoong Kurt Looi's photo

Don’t be reliable only when it’s convenient.

Kurt joined MiNaTher research team for his 3rd year individual project in the 2017/2018 academic year. In his project, Kurt is focusing on using Computational Fluid Dynamic to model the flow profiles of urine in the human urinary system and developing commercial stent designs for clinical trials. His strong academic and manufacturing background combined with his analytical and pragmatic approach to problem solve has proven him a great asset to the research.

Research interests

IP Project 2017-18 (Supervisor: Dr Dario Carugo)

Large-scale production of a novel ureteric stent prototype: a step forward towards clinical translation

Research group

Bioengineering Science

Affiliate research group

Micro and Nano Therapies (MiNaTher)

Mr Hoong Kurt Looi
Micro and Nano Therapies (MiNaTher),
Bioengineering Research Group,
Faculty of Engineering and the Environment,
University of Southampton Highfield Campus,
Southampton, SO171BJ, UK
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