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Languages and Academic English Advising

Due to the university's shift towards remote working, we have increased capacity for online one-to-one sessions.

All one-to-one and small group sessions will be administered through Microsoft Teams. MS Teams can be accessed by all through Google Chrome. We are able to discuss any language or academic issues during this time including: essay writing; preparing your literature review; independent language learning; research; academic writing; adjusting to online-learning; doing research from home; and many more.

Email with your query and availability and we will arrange an online session.


What is Languages and Academic English Advising?

Languages and Academic English Advising sessions give students the opportunity to discuss any issues related to language learning or academic development on a one-to-one basis.

Students can make appointments with advisors to talk about ways to practise foreign languages independently or how to improve in general academic English skills.

Who can attend?

How does it work?

Who are we?


Language Advisor
Rima Eshkal

Rima Eshkal

I finished my doctorate degree in 2018 at the university of Southampton. My research is in the area of Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching. It focuses mainly on investigating classroom discourse with a focus on teacher talk, which includes also the first language, in order to find out what discourse features of teacher talk construct or obstruct learning opportunities in EFL/ESL classrooms. I aim to consolidate and operationalise the notion of learning opportunity as a key concept in understanding classroom learning, so readers can understand learning opportunity as a unit of analysis of classroom interaction that can be constructed jointly by teacher and students in a classroom even with limited resource environment.

I work as a language and academic advisor at the University of Southampton. If you struggle with writing or constructing your assignments, dissertation, thesis or any other academic concern, book your one-to-one session or come along to one of the drop-in sessions on Friday. In Semester 1, 2019/20, I will be available for one-to-one sessions between 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00 every Monday/Tuesday, and between 12:00 and 14:00 every Friday for Drop-in session.

Please email me at to book an appointment.


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