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Dr Abu Hanifa Md. Noman Alam 

Assistant Professor

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Dr Abu Hanifa Md. Noman Alam is an Assistant Professor in Finance and Accounting at Southampton Malaysia Business School in the University of Southampton Malaysia.

Abu previously worked as a Senior Lecturer at University of Malaya. Prior to that, he worked as a Lecturer, Assistant Professor and Associate Professor at International Islamic University Chittagong. Abu has over 13 years of experience in teaching, research and academic administration in the higher education sector, where he has been involved in Undergraduate and Postgraduate teaching in cognate areas of Finance and Accountancy, and engaged in research coordination, curriculum design and development, student discipline and mentoring, and recruitment activities. 
Abu completed PhD in Finance and Banking from the University of Malaya with Bright Spark Scholarship. Prior to this, he did Master of Philosophy, Master of Business Administration and Bachelor’s in Finance and Banking from University of Chittagong. 
Abu’s research interests include Banking, Banking crisis, Financial Regulation, Market Structure, and Financial Market. Abu completed a number of international and domestic research grants, and produced a number of quality research outputs, and presented research papers at several domestic and international conferences. His research papers published in International Journal of Finance and Economics, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, Emerging Markets Review, Research in International Business and Finance, International Journal of Bank Marketing, Economic Systems, Borsa Istanbul Review, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics among others. He serves a Managing Editor in Asian Journal of Business and Accountancy. 

Research interests

Banking, regulation, competition, crisis/pandemic, stability/risk-taking, bank-switching, micro-finance, and carbon finance.  

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 A complete list of Abu’s publications can be found on Google Scholar


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  • MANG1001 Financial Accounting 1 
  • MANG1002 Management Accounting 1 
  • MANG1004 Introduction to Accounting and Financial Control 
  • MANG2004 Portfolio Theory and Financial Markets 
  • MANG6295 Introduction to Finance 
Dr Abu Hanifa Md. Noman Alam
Assistant Professor
Southampton Malaysia Business School
University of Southampton Malaysia, Iskandar Puteri, Johor, Malaysia.

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