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NAMRIP contributes to Parliamentary POSTnote briefing

Published: 20 February 2019
Front cover of POSTnote 595

The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology briefing on ‘Reservoirs of Antimicrobial Resistance’ (POSTnote 595) has been published and is available now to view online.

POSTnotes are independent, balanced and accessible briefings on public policy issues relating to science and technology, based on research literature and interviews with key stakeholders.

As part of the information gathering exercise for this briefing on AMR factors in human and animal pathogens and the environment,  the author of the POSTnote, Alana Dowling, spent the day with NAMRIP members last November. Alana conducted a number of interviews and visited two laboratories to see devices under development which tackle AMR.

The POSTnote, which acknowledges NAMRIP’s input, covers:

-          The spread of AMR in humans and animals;

-          The main reservoirs of AMR;

-          Data for AMR in both humans and animals; and

-          Future UK priorities in this area.

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The visit was really insightful and it was great to see some of the amazing work you have going on

Alana Dowling - POSTnote author
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