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A new clinical trial for MicroGuide™

Published: 6 September 2022

MicroGuide™ is receiving attention because of a new clinical trial, led by Global-NAMRIP member Kordo Saeed.

MicroGuide™, developed by Global-NAMRIP member Kieran Hand and Horizon Strategic Partners and supported by NAMRIP, has featured in a news release by the British Society for Antimicrobial Therapy  Microbial Therapy, which describes it as “a new app, MicroGuide™, [which] aims to make it easier for hospital prescribers to select the appropriate antimicrobial drug, by presenting hospital medicine guidelines in a user-friendly way”.

MicroGuide™ received funding through Global-NAMRIP’s impact acceleration bid in 2016, and featured in NAMRIP’s contribution to the successful Confidence in Concept bid to the Medical Research Council. MicroGuide was adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic to support appropriate prescribing of antibiotics, and consequently was written up when NAMRIP’s contribution to mitigating the adverse effects of the pandemic were featured in the National Health Executive Magazine.

In the news release, Global-NAMRIP member, Kordo Saeed (a Consultant Microbiologist at the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, UK) describes a new clinical trial to explore the possible benefits of using  MicroGuide™’s decision-supporting modules.

Kordo explains that “MicroGuide-2 is a randomised controlled trial of the impact of MicroGuide™ computerised decision-support modules on antimicrobial prescribing behaviours and clinical outcomes. MicroGuide™ is a software application for mobile electronic devices and web browsers that facilitates dissemination of local infection treatment guidelines to healthcare staff. Decision-support functionality has recently been developed for the MicroGuide™ app, to convert local treatment algorithms into a more user-friendly format... The aim of the MicroGuide-2 trial is to explore whether this type of decision-support offers any added benefits to patients in terms of clinical outcomes and to public health in terms of antimicrobial stewardship.”

The full article can be found here, and a website on MicroGuide-2 can be found here.



An early screen from MicroGuide
An early screen from MicroGuide
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