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The University of Southampton
Global Network for Anti-Microbial Resistance and Infection Prevention

Starstream Technology

Starstream is a technology that allows a gentle stream of water to clean so effectively that, usually, it can clean without having to heat the water, saving energy, and without any additives; reducing pollution risk and cost.

Awards for Starstream

2014 - ‘Best New Product of the Year’ from S-lab

2012 - Institute of Chemical Engineering Award for Water Management and Supply

2011 - Royal Society's Brian Mercer award for Innovation

Invented and patented by Professor Tim Leighton (Institute of Sound and Vibration Research in the faculty of Engineering and the Environment) and Dr Peter Birkin (Chemistry, in the Faculty of Naturaland Environmental Sciences), StarStream quickly showed its ability to clean a variety of targets. There are films illustrating this property in which you will see just how effective Starstream is at cleaning.

 Watch as it removes substances ranging from brain tissue to mascara from various surfaces. It gets the dirt out any grooves and cracks in the surfaces, regions that are difficult for conventional cleaning technologies. It can remove soil or other contamination from delicate surfaces like lettuce leaves without inflicting any damage. [You may need to wait a few minutes for the page to load as there are several short films on it. You may also need to refresh your browser]

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NAMRIP research spans research across all faculties of the University of Southampton

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NAMRIP is funded by the University of Southampton and benefits hugely from £868,704.00 of funding from EPSRC's Network for Antimicrobial Action 'Bridging the Gap' call (EP/M027260/1).

Society runs on its ability to clean...the impact in healthcare is huge – hospital-acquired infections, from instruments that aren’t properly cleaned, cost the National Health Service £1 billion per year

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