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Affect and the regulation of cognitive processes Seminar

16:00 - 18:00
29 January 2015
University of Southampton Highfield Campus Building 44 (Shackleton Building) Level 1, Room 1087

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Event details

Visiting Speaker - Autumn Psychology Seminar Series

When confronted with social situations individuals usually have a broad array of possible cognitive processing strategies to deal with the situation at hand. Given that individuals may apply different approaches to interpret the current situation or to make a decision, the question arises what regulates the use of different processing options. How do individuals decide whether to engage in more effortful or in more heuristic processing, whether to construct a more abstract or a more specific representation, whether to attend particularly to new stimuli or to rely on older, stored information? It is argued that individuals’ affective states play a crucial role in these regulation processes. The presentation will provide an overview on empirical findings that support this claim. The empirical findings will be embedded in a conceptual framework that emphasizes the informative function of affective states. It will further be discussed how other variables may serve similar functions in regulating cognitive processes.  

Speaker information

Professor Herbert Bless, University of Mannheim

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