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The University of Southampton

University of Southampton FAPEMIG Award

The Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de Minas Gerais (FAPEMIG) and the University of Southampton will shortly be inviting applications for the joint Call for Proposal.

This call aims to support scientific and technological proposals of cooperation for mobility between Universities and Research Centres located in the State of Minas Gerais (Brazil) and the University of Southampton in order to foster the participation of teams from both countries in all fields of knowledge.

The Southampton-FAPEMIG Award 2019 will open shortly.

The Southampton-FAPEMIG Award seeks to provide ‘seed funding’ for joint international research, teaching or related activities at an early stage of development. Examples include exploratory research initiatives, targeted workshops, academic staff exchanges, curriculum development and the formation of collaborative networks, among others.

It is essential that proposed research activities demonstrate the potential to secure third party funding that will allow the collaboration to become self-sustained (or to generate other research or teaching outcomes and/or research/learning resources). Each proposal must involve joint work between the University of Southampton and a university or research institution in the State of Minas Gerais.

Funds Available

Both Southampton and FAPEMIG will provide funding of up to £5,000 per proposal per year for a maximum of 24 months.

Who can apply?

All University of Southampton staff and researchers are eligible to apply. The lead researcher can only be responsible for one proposal.

Time frame

Call announced – TBC
Closing date for submission of proposals – TBC
Successful proposals notified – TBC

Application submission and selection process

1. Submission to FAPEMIG

A single, joint application should be developed together by the Brazilian and UK applicants using the application form available at Everest. The platform and application form is currently only available in Portuguese therefore is it recommended that your Brazilian lead on the collaboration completes this. Note, however, that the form must be written and submitted in English.

2. Submission to the International Office at Southampton

The application form is available from the Global Funding SharePoint site, or on request from Sara Sandford. Completed applications should be submitted as a single pdf to

Applications to this call will be assessed by both FAPEMIG and the University through a joint review process. Final decisions will be made jointly between FAPEMIG and the University.

The selection panel has the discretion to direct applicants to alternative funding schemes, internal or external to the institution, for which a project may be eligible. Please be aware that we will only process applications received in the specified format.

Assessment criteria

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

Quality: Projects must either be, or be supportive of, high quality international research with demonstrable impact, innovation and interdisciplinarity or truly internationalise the curricula or experience for a significant cohort of students. The project should engage at least one university or research institution from the State of Minas Gerais.

Leadership: Projects must be led by recognised academics with a demonstrated track record of research excellence. The involvement of early career researchers including doctoral researchers will be considered an advantage. Projects will ideally involve a team of researchers across a range of relevant disciplines and regions. Applications should demonstrate why the specific partnership proposed is either necessary and/or desirable for the advancement of the project and the project objectives.

Sustainability: Projects must build longer term international relationships based on genuine commitment by the research partners and the real potential to attract or generate external funding where relevant. Projects where partners and/or sections or Faculties have pledged or provided supplementary funding and/or in kind support will be looked upon particularly favourably.

Take up and duration of awards

Decisions will be made by both the University of Southampton and FAPEMIG and will be communicated. Awarded projects should commence within six months, with allocated funding expended within 24 months. Awardees will be required to submit a brief progress report at the end of 12 months, with a final report due at the end of 24 months. Unspent funds at the conclusion of 24 months will be recalled unless an extension has been secured. Any extension or change of use of the award will need to be submitted to the International Networks and Collaborations team to go to chair’s action.

Outputs tracking

By completing the Application Form, the applicant pledges, in the event of receiving funding, to inform the International Office of any direct and indirect outputs resulting from this award during and beyond the lifetime of the award.

Where to submit the proposals

Proposals should be submitted using the UoS application form and the portal available at Everest.

Further information

If you have any questions relating to the Southampton-FAPEMIG call please contact Sara Sandford, Regional Director (Americas and Europe):


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