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New book on gender pay gap

Published: 14 November 2023

Two academics from the SCC, Dr Megan Pearson and Dr Alex Patrick have contributed to a new book, ‘The Evolution of the Gender Pay Gap: A Comparative Perspective’, recently published by Routledge.

Megan Pearson’s chapter, ‘Combining Work and Care: The Failure of Work–Life Reconciliation Policies’ looks at the limited scope of work life reconciliation policies and argues that these fail to allow workers to combine work and care effectively, hindering carers’ career progression.

Alex Patrick’s chapter, ‘The Role of Equal Pay Auditing in Resolving Unequal Pay: More Hindrance Than Help?’ looks at the failure of equal pay auditing requirements to ensure equal pay.

The research in a third chapter, ‘Speaking in a Different Voice: The Gendered Nature of Promotion Applications’ was presented by the authors Frances Hamilton and Elisabeth Griffiths in an SCC seminar last year.



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