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The University of Southampton
Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute

SMMI Postgraduate Projects

Projects commenced in 2019/20:

Project Student Name Supervisors/Faculties
The assessment of the spatial and temporal distribution and impact of Sargassum seaweed across the tropical Atlantic basin Yanna FIDAI Emma Tompkins (FELS), Jadu Dash (FELS)
Ecological consequences of marine wildlife crime Kim HADFIELD Michelle Newberry (FSS), Martin Solan (FELS)
Computational catalytic modelling for the conversion of CO2 to higher-value synthetic fuels Sylianos KYRIMIS Lindsay-Marie Armstrong (FEPS), Robert Raja (FEPS)
Reducing marine diesel engine emissions via fuel blend additives Uswatta Liyanage Shehara PERERA Andrew Cruden (FEPS), Stephen Turnock (FEPS), Ranga Dinesh Kahanda Koralage (FEPS)
Vessel speed, port planning and 'virtual arrival' - A study of competitive docking slots planning Yuanming SONG Patrick Beullens (FSS), Dominic Hudson (FEPS)
Plastics in fishmeal production- characterisation methods and risk modelling Chloe WAY Malcolm Hudson (FELS), John Langley (FEPS), Robert Marsh (FELS), Ian Williams (FEPS)

Projects commenced in 2018/19:

Project Student Name Supervisors/Faculties
Emergent relationships between coastal risk and coastal protection Sofia ALDABET-MUNOZ Eli Lazarus (FELS), Robert Nicholls (FEPS), Chris Hill (FELS)
Intelligent Big Data Analytics for Safer Ship Navigation in the Arctic Environment Andrew RAWSON Zoheir Sabeur (FEPS), Long Tran-Thanh (FEPS), Mario Brito (FSS), Ajit Shenoi (FEPS)
The impact of sea level rise on the Solomon Islands Marie SCHLENKER Robert Nicholls (FEPS), Ivan Haigh (FELS), David Sear (FELS)
Before ‘thalassocracies’: Re-evaluating the boatbuilding tradition of the south Aegean islands and rethinking the Aegean maritime past during the Final Neolithic – Early Bronze Age period Panagiotis TZOVARAS Lucy Blue (FAH), Julian Whitewright (FAH), Stephen Turnock (FEPS)
Machine learning for optimal unexploded ordnance mitigation Sara Lise UNDERHAY Timothy Henstock (FELS), Adam Pregel-Bennett (FEPS)

Projects commenced in 2016/17:

Project Student Name Supervisors/Faculties
Colonising the last place on earth: Quantifying Polynesian canoe performance under different climate regimes Tom DICKSON James Blake (FEE), David Sear (FSHMS), Helen Farr (FH)
The role of climate change, species invasions and hybridisation in the redistribution of marine biodiversity Jamie HUDSON Marc Rius (FNES), Mark Chapman (FNES), Patrick Osborne (FEE)

Projects commenced in 2015/16:

Project Student Name Supervisors/Faculties
Capacity and demand assessment models for container ports Manual BUITRAGO MORENO John Preston (FEE), Tolga Bektas (FBL)
Safer ship routing informed by field evidence, laboratory experiments and numerical modelling of ship interaction with rogue waves Alex CATTRELL Robert Marsh (FNES), Sally Bennett (FEE)
Movement screening to prevent injuries in Royal Navy personnel Conor POWER Martin Warner (FHS), Maria Stokes (FHS), Dankmar Bohning (FSHMS)

Projects commenced in 2014/15:

Project Student Name Supervisors/Faculties
What are the impacts and adaptation possibilities (with an emphasis on legislation) to ports from climatic and coastal change? Esme FLEGG Sally Brown (FEE), Mikis Tsimplis (FBLA), Robert Nicholls (FEE)
Fluid flow and impact at solid and permeable structures Robbie MAYON Mingyi Tan (FEE), Zoheir Sabeur (FPSE), Kamal Djidjeli (FEE)
Retrospective geo-location of free living marine animals - new tools for spatial ecology, natural resource management and conservation Katie ST JOHN GLEW Clive Trueman (FNES), Felix Eigenbrod (FNES), Sujit Sahu (FSHMS)

Projects commenced in 2013/14:

Project Student Name Supervisors/Faculties
Shipping regulation for a green/blue company Adebowale AWOFESO Mikis Tsimplis (FBLA), Ajit Shenoi (FEE)
Enhanced mineral carbonation in oceanic crust and mantle: Feedback between fluid flow and alteration Nicolas BOMPARD Juerg Matter (FNES), Damon Teagle (FNES), Nicholas Woodman (FEE)
Will the world's vulnerable deltas sink into the sea: Predicting future sediment discharge to deltas under anthropogenic climate change Frances DUNN Stephen Darby (FSHS), Robert Nicholls (FEE)
Selective catalytic reduction for improving sustainability and maximising environmental impact in marine exhause gas technologies Elpiniki GEORGIOU James Blake (FEE), Robert Raja (FNES)
English seafarer communities in the later Middle Ages: A study in the socio-economics of an occupational group Brenna GIBSON Craig Lambert (FH), Helen Paul (FSHS), Anne Curry (FH)
Investigating the formation and potential recovery of Rare Earth Elements and Critical Metals (Co, Se, Sb) from sea floor analogue: Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus. Pierre JOSSO Stephen Roberts (FNES), Carlos Ponce de Leon (FEE)
2001 UNESCO Convention: Is it succeeding to protect the underwater cultural heritage? Robert MACKINTOSH Lucy Blue (FH), Filippo Lorenzon (FBLA)
The Seaborne Trade of Southampton 1772-1815 Maria NEWBERY John McAleer (FH), Helen Paul (FSHS)
Metal Bioaccumulation and Biomarker responses in introduced marine invertebraes to assess the condition of marine ecosystems Jamie OATEN Malcolm Hudson (FEE), Ian Williams (FEE, Antony Jensen (FNES)

Projects commenced in 2012/13:

Project Student Name Supervisors/Faculties
Sustainable catalysis for renewable marine energy Davide ANSOVINI Robert Raja (FNES), Ajit Shenoi (FEE)
Reconstructing submerged palaolitic landscapes of the Southern North Sea Amelia ASTLEY Justin Dix (FNES), Fraser Sturt (FH), Charlie Thompson (FNES)
Social aspects of maritime technology and the Roman warship ram Peter CAMPBELL Lucy Blue (FH), Stephen Turnock (FEE), Ian Croudace (FNES)
Vertical turbulence structures in the bottom boundary layer as related to suspended sediment Hachem KASSEM Charlie Thompson (FNES), Robert Nicholls (FEE), Carl Amos (FNES)
Geophysics at Portus Elizabeth RICHLEY Simon Keay (FH), Tony Brown (FSHS)

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