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The University of Southampton
Southampton Clinical Academic Training Scheme

Specialised Foundation Programme

What is the Specialised Foundation Programme?

The Specialised Foundation Programme allows 5% of trainee doctors to combine clinical training with research methods training. The start date is in August each year.  Each academic programme includes a clinical F1 year that also encompasses regular training on research methods.  The second year F2 rotation includes two clinical specialties and one academic placement with hands-on research (each rotation lasts for four months).

What specialties are academic placements available in?

Academic research placements are available in:-

All academic research placements will be based in Southampton.

A Medical Education specialised foundation placement based in Salisbury is also available.

What is the value of an Specialised Foundation training post?

Successful completion of an academic placement in the F2 year is likely to improve the prospects for trainees to compete for clinical academic fellowships in their subsequent registrar rotations and embark on a clinical academic career.

For further information and the Specialised Foundation Programme, please visit the Health Education England - Wessex site or contact the SoCATS Lead for Specialised Foundation Trainees, Dr Chrissie Jones .

How do I apply for an Specialised Foundation post?

Please visit our Vacancies page for recruitment information.

I've had a wonderful time in Wessex, ever since being a medical student here - I simply couldn't recommend it highly enough for your future trainees.

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