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New research into non-invasive brain stimulation

Published: 16 November 2010

New research into non-invasive brain stimulation

The Parkinson's Disease Society has awarded Dr Geert Verheyden from the School of Health Sciences, an Innovation Grant of nearly £34,000 to investigate whether non-invasive brain stimulation can help people with Parkinson's walk and turn.

Geert will test out a new way of stimulating the brain without drugs or surgery called 'transcranial direct current stimulation' (tDCS).

Two small electrodes will be placed on the scalps of 20 people with Parkinson's. An electric current will be passed through these electrodes to stimulate specific nerve cells. The procedure is painless and doesn't need surgery.

Dr Kieran Breen, Director of Research and Development at the Parkinson's Disease Society, says: "This is only a small study, but it could give us enough information to know whether this is a new treatment worth pursuing. Funding this kind of high-risk new research is what our Innovation Grant programme is all about".

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