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Royal Society Exhibition

Published: 6 January 2011

Royal Society Exhibition

School of Psychology to take part in prestigious Royal Society Summer Exhibition, 2011.

Research fellows Tamaryn Menneer, Hazel Blythe and Hayward Godwin are to be congratulated on their success in gaining a place in the exhibition. They are coordinating a hands-on demonstration that will showcase the world-leading vision research that is ongoing in the School of Psychology in the research groups of Professor Nick Donnelly and Dr Simon Liversedge. Their exhibit will illustrate important practical applications of their research into the psychology of vision. Entitled "Guns, knives, and bombs: How do airport security screeners spot weapons in x-rays of passenger baggage?" the exhibit will provide visitors with first-hand experience of state-of-the-art eye-tracking technology that is fundamental to much research in the field of visual cognition and show them the implications of theoretical research for practical issues such as airline safety.

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