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String Theory seminar - Lorenz Eberhardt [NOTE UNUSUAL TIME: 15:00] Seminar

2 February 2022
Online seminar

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Ben Withers at .

Event details

Title: A perturbative CFT dual for pure NS-NS AdS3 strings

Abstract: I will discuss perturbative string theory on AdS3 with pure NS-NS flux and propose a dual spacetime CFT. It is given by a symmetric orbifold of a linear dilaton theory deformed by a marginal operator from the twist-2 sector. I explain the computation of two- and three-point functions on the CFT side to 4th order in conformal perturbation theory at large N. They agree with the string computation at genus 0, thus providing ample evidence for a duality. I also explain how to match the full spectra of both short and long strings.




Speaker information

Lorenz Eberhardt, IAS Princeton.

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