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The University of Southampton
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Gravity seminar - Rahul Kashyap [UNUSUAL DAY: WEDNESDAY] Seminar

31 May 2023
Building 54, Ketley Room

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Event details

Title: Stellar Graveyards: Signals from the merging deads

Abstract: Single stars conclude their life cycles by transforming into one of three objects: white dwarfs, neutron stars, or black holes, eventually transitioning into observationally "dark" entities. In contrast, when stars are formed in pairs, they give rise to some of the most spectacular astrophysical phenomena, serving as laboratories for studying extraordinary physical conditions.
In this presentation, I will give a general overview of astrophysical events that occur when these compact stars in binary systems merge at the end of their evolution. I will focus specifically on kilonovae and gravitational waves resulting from the merging of binary neutron stars, as well as Type Ia supernovae originating from the merger of binary white dwarfs. Furthermore, I will explore the insights we can gain about the properties of matter, which are typically beyond the scope of terrestrial experiments. Gravitational wave astronomy presents an exceptional opportunity to comprehend the extreme states of matter and to gain knowledge about the evolutionary processes of binary stars. Additionally, I will delve into the data analysis techniques that I have developed to establish connections between numerical simulations and gravitational wave observations.


Speaker information

Rahul Kashyap, Penn State University.

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