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The University of Southampton
STAG Research CentreSeminars

Southampton Gravity seminars: 2010-2011

Seminars take place on Thursdays 12:00-13:00 in Building 54, Room 5025 (5B) in Mathematical Sciences.

October 7 2010: Silke Weinfurtner (Trieste / UBC)

Measurement of stimulated Hawking emission in an analogue system

October 14 2010: Thomas Backdahl (Queen Mary, London)

How to measure deviation from the Kerr spacetime on a slice

October 21 2010: Alessandro Nagar (IHÉS, France)

Interfacing analytical and numerical modelizations of coalescing binaries: a status report

October 28 2010: David Bacon (Portsmouth)

Gravitational Lensing and Modified Gravities

November 4 2010: Abraham Harte (AEI, Germany)

General results on the self-interaction of extended objects in curved spacetimes

November 11 2010: Priscilla Canizares (Barcelona)

Pseudospectral methods to model Extreme-Mass Ratio Inspirals

November 18 2010: Peter Taylor (UCD, Dublin)

Vacuum Polarization on the Schwarzschild Black Hole Threaded by a Cosmic String

November 18 2010: Cormac Breen (UCD, Dublin)

Extended Green-Liouville asymptotics and vacuum polarization for lukewarm black holes

November 25 2010: Ian Harry (Cardiff)

Searching for compact binary coalescences in gravitational wave data from the LIGO and Virgo interferometers

December 2 2010: Ulrich Sperhake (Caltech / Barcelona)

POSTPONED due to bad weather: see Mar 31

December 9 2010: Philippe LeFloch (UPMC, Paris)

Matter spacetimes with weak regularity

December 16 2010: Jonathan Braithwaite (AIA, Bonn University)

Magnetohydrodynamic relaxation in stars and elsewhere

Christmas Break

January 13 2011: Christian Luebbe (Lhwsester)

Non-linear stability for radiative spacetimes: Vacuum and Einstein-Maxwell

January 20 2011: James Clark (Cardiff)

Multi-messenger Astronomy: A Bright, Loud Future In Gravitational Waves

January 27 2011: Malcolm Fairbairn (King's College, London)

Dark matter and stars

February 3 2011: Brien Nolan (DCU, Dublin)

A Kirchoff integral approach to the calculation of Green's functions beyond the normal neighbourhood

February 3 2011: Emily Duffy (DCU, Dublin)

Analytic study of even parity perturbations in self-similar LTB spacetime: instability of the Cauchy horizon

February 10 2011: No seminar

February 17 2011: No seminar

February 24 2011: Will Percival (ICG, Portsmouth)

Testing Cosmological Structure Growth using Galaxy Surveys

March 3 2011: Chris Nixon (Lhwsester)

How to Make Supermassive Black Hole Binaries Merge

March 10 2011: Anthony Challinor (IoA, Cambridge)

Planck: early science and future programme

March 17 2011: Rose Lerner (Helsinki)

Higgs inflation: detectability and issues of unitarity

March 24 2011: Andreas Schmitt (Vienna)

Color superconductivity in the QCD phase diagram and in compact stars

March 31 2011: Uli Sperhake (Caltech / Barcelona)

Black-hole simulations in the context of experiment and observations

Easter Break

May 5 2011: No seminar

May 12 2011: JMM Senovilla (U. del Pais Vasco)

Black Holes' Cores and Boundaries

May 19 2011: No seminar

May 26 2011: Adam Pound (Guelph, Canada)

Motion of small bodies in curved spacetime

June 2 2011: Christian Luebbe (Lhwsester)

Non-linear stability for radiative spacetimes: Vacuum and Einstein-Maxwell

June 9 2011: No seminar

June 16 2011: David Bruschi (Nottingham)

Entanglement, the Unruh effect and cavities

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