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The University of Southampton
STAG Research CentreSeminars

Southampton Gravity seminars: 2012-2013

Seminars take place on Thursdays 12:00-13:00 in Building 54, Room 7033 (7C) in Mathematical Sciences.

11 October 2012: Adam Pound (Southampton)

The motion of small bodies in curved spacetime: An introduction to gravitational self-force

18 October 2012: Marika Taylor (Southampton)

A holographic view of the Universe

25 October 2012: Alexandre Le Tiec (Maryland-College Park, USA)

The first law of binary black hole mechanics

1 November 2012: Maxim Lyutikov (Purdue, USA)

Black hole hair and electromagnetic signatures of merging and collapsing compact objects

8 November 2012: Barry Wardell (University College Dublin, Ireland)

Green function approach to self-force calculations

15 November 2012: Jonathan Gair (Cambridge)

Some current obstacles to extreme-mass-ratio inspiral detection

22 November 2012: David Wands (Portsmouth)

Primordial structure from cosmic inflation

29 November 2012: Qian Wang (Oxford)

Breakdown criteria of Einstein equations in CMC gauge

6 December 2012: Kyriaki Dionysopoulou (Potsdam, Germany) [CANCELLED/POSTPONED]

General relativistic resistive magnetohydrodynamics with Whisky

13 December 2012: Paul McFadden (Perimeter, Canada)

Holographic slow-roll inflation

Christmas Break

10 January 2013: Pau Figueras (Cambridge)

Stationary holographic plasma quenches and numerical methods for non-Killing horizons

Exam Period

24 January 2013: Ian Vega (SISSA, Italy) [CANCELLED/POSTPONED]

31 January 2013: Soichiro Isoyama (Kyoto, Japan)

Cosmic censorship in overcharging a static charged black hole via charged particle absorption

7 February 2013: Duncan Lorimer (West Virginia, USA)

Evidence for nonlinear and chaotic behaviour in pulsar spin-down rates

14 February 2013: Kyriaki Dionysopoulou (Potsdam, Germany)

General relativistic resistive magnetohydrodynamics with Whisky

21 February 2013: Daniel Grumiller (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)

Holographic applications of logarithmic conformal field theories

28 February 2013: Reinhard Prix (AEI-Hannover, Germany)

Searching for periodic gravitational waves from spinning neutron stars

7 March 2013: Lionel Mason (Oxford)

Gravity amplitudes in twistor space

14 March 2013: Enrico Barausse (Institut Astrophysique de Paris, France)

Neutron-star mergers in scalar-tensor theories of gravity

Easter Break

18 April 2013: No seminar

25 April 2013: Thomas Maedler (Meudon, France) [CANCELLED/POSTPONED]

2 May 2013: Maura McLaughlin (West Virginia, USA)

A galactic scale gravitational wave observatory

9 May 2013: Jacques Smulevici (Paris-Sud, France)

Sharp decay estimates for the Klein-Gordon equation on Kerr-AdS

16 May 2013: Uli Sperhake (Cambridge)

The impact of spin-orbit resonances on astrophysical black-hole populations

30 May 2013: Jeong-Hyuck Park (Sogang, Korea)

How many is different? Ideal bose gas revisited

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