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STAG Research CentreSeminars

Southampton String Theory seminars: 2017-2018

Seminars take place on Wednesdays 15:00-17:00 in 54/7033(7C), unless otherwise noted.

26 September 2017: Arjun Bagchi (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India) [DAY/LOCATION CHANGE: Tue in 54/7035(7B)]

Constructing the BMS Bootstrap

4 October 2017: Olga Papadoulaki (Southampton)

Black holes, matrix models and holography

11 October 2017: Brandon Robinson (Southampton)

Supersymmetric probe branes and localization in AdS/CFT

17 October 2017: Toby Wiseman (ICL) [DAY/TIME/LOCATION CHANGE: Tue 1pm in 34/4005]

Geometrical constraints on holographic CFTs

24 October 2017: David Turton (Southampton) [DAY/TIME/LOCATION CHANGE: Tue 1pm in 34/4005]

Black hole microstates in string theory

25 October 2017: Benjamin Doyon (Kings College London)

Emergent hydrodynamics in integrable systems out of equilibrium

31 October 2017: Panos Betzios (Crete, Greece) [DAY/TIME/LOCATION CHANGE: Tue 1pm in 34/4005]

Fluctuations of the meron wormhole

1 November 2017: Nikola Gushterov (Oxford)

Holographic entanglement density

8 November 2017: STAG Public Lecture

15 November 2017: Juan Pedraza (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Chaotic strings in AdS/CFT

21 November 2017: Kazem Bitaghsir Fadafan (Southampton and IPM, Iran) [DAY/TIME/LOCATION CHANGE: Tue 1pm in 34/4005]

On diffusivities bounds from holography

22 November 2017: Vasilis Niarchos (Durham) [TIME/LOCATION CHANGE: 1pm in 7/3027(L/R F1)]

Phases of QCD3 from string theory

29 November 2017: Natalia Pinzani Fokeeva (Leuven, Belgium)

Effective field theories for hydrodynamics

6 December 2017: Andreas Braun (Oxford)

Compact G2 manifolds and dualities between M-theory, heterotic string theory and F-theory

13 December 2017: Saso Grozdanov (MIT, USA)

Generalised global symmetries in field theory and holography

Christmas Break

10 January 2018: Benjo Fraser (Chulalongkorn University)

Non-Abelian T-duality and coset CFT

Exam Period

31 January 2018: Christopher Beem (Oxford)

The VOA/SCFT correspondence

7 February 2018: David Vegh (Queen Mary)

Pair-production of cusps on a string in AdS_3

14 February 2018: Michela Petrini (lpthe - Jussieu)

Consistent truncations and exceptional geometry

21 February 2018: David Berman (Queen Mary)

A review of double and exceptional field theory

28 February 2018: Benjamin Withers (Geneva University)

Tails of steady states and non-Killing horizons

7 March 2018: Dionysis Anninos (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Higher spin dS/CFT revisited

14 March 2018: Frank Ferrari (ULB)

The New Large D Limit of Matrix Models, Phases of Matrix Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Gravitational Collapse

Easter Break

17 April 2018: Georgios Papathanasiou (DESY, Germany) [TUESDAY 1:45pm in 54/8031]

Cluster algebras, integrability and scattering amplitudes

18 April 2018: Lilia Anguelova (Inst. for Nucl. Research and Nucl. Energy, Sofia)

Systematics of Constant Roll Inflation

24 April 2018: Ioannis Papadimitriou (KIAS) [TUESDAY 1:30pm in 54/8031]

5D Rotating Black Holes and the nAdS2/nCFT1 Correspondence

25 April 2018: Chris Herzog (King's College)

Boundary Trace Anomalies and Boundary Conformal Field Theory

2 May 2018: Andy O'Bannon (STAG)

T Tbar deformation

8 May 2018: Oliver Schlotterer (AEI, Potsdam) [TUESDAY 1:45pm in 54/8031]

Tree amplitudes of bosonic, heterotic and supersymmetric strings as field-theory double copies

9 May 2018: Adam Bzowski (CEA, Saclay)

Conformal field theory in momentum space

16 May 2018: Emil Martinec (Chicago University)

String Theory of Supertubes

6 June 2018: Arjun Bagchi (IIT Kanpur) [2:00pm in 54/4001]

Tensionless strings


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