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This page provides recommendations and suggestions for students, ahead of selecting their optional modules online.

Before choosing your modules

We strongly recommend that you research your choices prior to the open period and there are lots of resources available to help you do this:

Online Programme Catalogue

Accessing the Programme Catalogue

To access the programme catalogue and view your programme structure and see more information about the modules available to you, please follow these steps:

  1. Open an internet browser window (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) and go to:
  2. Log in using your University of Southampton username and password (the same details you use to access your PC and your email account).
  3. Now go to the Students tab and select 'My Student Record (Banner Self Service)' which can be found in the 'Quick Links' box.
  4. You will now need to log in to the Student Record System with your University of Southampton username and password.
  5. Select the Programme Catalogue tab.
  6. When the programme catalogue page opens you will need to select parameters from the drop down menus. First select the academic year, then your Faculty and you may narrow the search to the level of study that interests you using the drop-down lists shown below and click on the Find Programmes button.    

Viewing a Programme Structure

The page will now populate with all active programmes within the criteria specified above. To view a programme structure (including any themes and/or minors associated with it):

  1. Select from the filtered list, the programme you are interested in.
  2. You will then be taken to the programme’s general requirements which will include any themes and/or minors. Select the programme/theme you are interested in to view the parts of study.
  3. Next you can view the year or part of study that you are interested in.

Finding Out More About Your Modules

Once you have found your programme of study and year/part you will be able to see all of the modules associated with it. To find out further information about a module (including any Pre or Co-requisites), click on the module hyperlink which will take you through to the module details page.

Free Electives and Subject Elective Modules

Some programmes offer free electives and subject electives which are groups of modules open to any student. To view the list of modules offered, select Show Electives.


Module Reports

Module Reports are written annually by Module Leads and can be accessed via SUSSED by clicking here.

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