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The University of Southampton
Sustainability Action

2016 Student Team Award

Representatives from the Cameroon Catalyst team
Representatives from the Cameroon Catalyst team

Winner of the Outstanding Student Team award:: Cameroon Catalyst

Group members: Mikey Harper, James Warbey, Richard Saunders, Rosey Burchell, Alex Howe, Jared Tiller, Ash Amiri

Research by the Cameroon Catalyst team identified the most important development need of the Bambouti region in Cameroon as access to safe drinking water. In 2013 more than 50% of the population lacked access to safe drinking water, resulting in health issues such as cholera, diarrhoea and stomach problems. Cameroon Catalyst is working to construct modern wells across the region, focused on providing safe drinking water to the most vulnerable communities. These projects utilize traditional construction techniques already familiar to the local community, empowering local people to build more protected sources themselves. The first wells have already been built, and the volunteer team is fundraising to complete the building of 10 modern wells. Once complete, these will supply safe drinking to 3000 people, resulting in a huge decrease in health issues, as well as minimizing long journeys previously made by locals to access further afield water sources.

Runners up of the Outstanding Student Team award: JuaMaji

Group members: Jade Cohen, Nikki Hawkes, Maxime Jullian, Deborah Pelani, Yohannah Caussyram, Helena Clark, Alexandre Beardshall, Jack Pethick, Amy Chandler, David Stewart, Alice Wreford, Miriam Lynch, Jonathan McDonald

Global warming, lack of investment in water resources from the local government, and a sharp increase in water demand due to population growth have enhanced the clean water crisis in Kenya. 43% of the population lack access to clean water, causing frequent epidemic outbreaks and affecting crop yields. The impact on food security results in eruptions of violence and heightened competition for clean water sources. The Juamaji project worked with local entrepreneurs in a village outside of Kisumu, along Lake Victoria, to run a distillation tent which provides up to 250 litres of water per day. Integrating a fish farm, the products of which are sold at a monthly market, ensures the venture is economically sustainable and alleviates local overfishing in Lake Victoria. The tent provides water to the village school, where more than 80 children now have access to clean drinking and washing water – improving their health and their focus for their studies.

Special commendation in the Outstanding Student Team category:

The Sustainability Action group also wanted to give a special commendation to the Southampton Hub team, for their range of projects which get dozens of students volunteering in the local community.

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