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July 2014 Research News

Patients with severe ME have little or no access to specialist treatment services

02 July 2014

One in three severely affected adults with ME, otherwise known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), have no access to local specialist services, new research has shown.


University secures £2.6 million contract to remain as centre of excellence

11 July 2014

The University of Southampton has been awarded significant funding to remain at the forefront of how clinical guidance and policy is made.


Graduation 2014 marks achievements of students and honorary graduates

14 July 2014

Around 5,000 students will attend Graduation at the University of Southampton this year, alongside five leading figures from the fields of chemistry, engineering, mapping, medicine and the military who will receive honorary degrees.


Study finds animal foraging tactics unchanged for 50 million years

15 July 2014

Animals have used the same technique to search for food that’s in short supply for at least 50 million years, a University of Southampton-led study suggests.


Arthritis drug shown to slow Alzheimer’s down

16 July 2014

A drug that is commonly used for arthritis has been shown to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s.


Map reveals worldwide impacts of climate change

17 July 2014

Scientists from the University of Southampton have helped to create a new map, which shows the impact climate change could have on the whole planet by the end of the century, if carbon emissions continue to increase.


Rainwater discovered at new depths

16 July 2014

University of Southampton researchers have found that rainwater can penetrate below the Earth’s fractured upper crust, which could have major implications for our understanding of earthquakes and the generation of valuable mineral deposits.


University wins national contract for new health research dissemination centre

21 July 2014

The University of Southampton has been awarded a national contract worth £5.1m to share new research findings with clinicians, patients and managers in health and social care.


Researchers develop a Wikipedia of fact-checking during natural disasters

18 July 2014

Researchers from the University of Southampton have helped to develop a new web application for gathering evidence during natural disasters, which will enable more effective emergency response.


Mixing it up: Study provides new insight into Southern Ocean behaviour

21 July 2014

A new study has found that turbulent mixing in the deep waters of the Southern Ocean, which has a profound effect on global ocean circulation and climate, varies with the strength of surface eddies – the ocean equivalent of storms in the atmosphere – and possibly also wind speeds.


Rising temperatures hinder Indian wheat production

23 July 2014

Geographers at the University of Southampton have found a link between increasing average temperatures in India and a reduction in wheat production.


Study finds Europe’s habitat and wildlife is vulnerable to climate change

25 July 2014

New research has identified areas of the Earth that are high priorities for conservation in the face of climate change.


‘Convenience culture’ drives high street revival

29 July 2014

A new in-depth evidence review into the state of British high street has revealed how town centres are adapting to meet the changing demands of the nation’s consumers.

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